The best adjustment I’ve ever received. The Dr. was wonderful and listened to what I said.

Glenn McClatchie

I LOVE THIS PLACE! I am a computer guy and therefore I pretty much work in front of some sort of electronic device 12+ hours a day. If it wasn’t for the advice of Dr Z and Dr Blake and their medical manipulation of my upper back/shoulder and hip… I would probably be crippled unable to work. I feel SO GOOD that I have literally lost 97 pounds in the last 5 months for the upcoming Color Run 5K marathon. I contribute my success partly to Indigo and the team of positive people who work there! Thank YOU!!

Jesse Greene

Great experience this morning with Dr. Blake! He was super informative and just the right amount of firm and gentle. I’ve been to many chiropractors over the course of my life and he is easily the best I’ve been to. Ever. Will definitely be a long term patient.

Jennifer Wright

I absolutely love Indigo Wellness Center. All of the employees are so nice and empathetic to clients. In 2012 I deployed to Afghanistan. When I returned, my body was in excruciating pain from constantly carrying at least 60lbs of gear and tactical driving in rough terrain. I came to Indigo Wellness after 1 1/2 years of pain in my upper back and neck. During that 1 1/2 years, my doctors were treating my pain with physical therapy, pain medication, and muscle relaxers. Desperate for pain relief and wanting to avoid any medication, I set up an initial appointment with Dr. Zorah 2 years ago. Between Dr Zorah (chiropractic and yoga) Dr. Blake (chiropractic and sports medicine work) and Nikole (Massage) I no longer take medication and have very manageable pain. I have also scheduled appointments in the past with Dr. Blake for other injuries such as, torn muscles, neropathic pain, and muscle tightness. This place is amazing. I would highly recommend Indigo Wellness Center’s Healing Touch Chiropractic and Massage for those seeking pain relief.

Jamie Lulay

Amazing wellness center. Dr. Blake Testa is the best chiropractor in town. Wendy Childs is an amazing acupuncturist. The staff there is very friendly. Highly recommended.

Rachelle Chia

Wonderful, caring, professionals. Definitely a place for healing.

Sheila Soleta