We are working with our scheduling software to provide you with a simpler scheduling process. Listed are steps to use the new scheduling process below. We will continue to refine this process for an easier scheduling experience.

#1.  Select Appointment Type
Chiropractic – All chiropractic appointments that will process through insurance, motor vehicle accident or workman’s comp claims.
Chiropractic: Wellness Care – All chiropractic appointments that will be private pay.
Massage: Healing Touch – All massage appointments to be scheduled with Nikole or Bill.
a. Medical Massage – Please choose an appointment based on your current treatment plan with your Doctor. *A Doctor’s prescription or referral must be on file.
b. Wellness Massage – All massage appointments with Nikole or Bill that will be private pay.

#2.  Select Your Instructor (Practitioner): Please choose the practitioner you’d like to set your appointment with. Leaving the field “All Instructors” will search all available practitioners.

#3.  Select The Calendar Date: Choose the day you’re looking to book your appointment for. The calendar is set to search a practitioner’s schedule for a 7 day block of time. *Please see the general weekly availability for each practitioner below the calendar.

#4.  Confirm & Book Your Appointment: You’ll be prompted to sign in once you’ve chosen your appointment. Please confirm the appointment type, date and time are correct. Click the Next button to finalize and pay for your appointment.


Practitioner general weekly availability. Please note that these days and times are subject to change as new schedules arise. Please check the above calendar or call The Healing Touch Chiropractic at #503-371-1120 to confirm specific day availability. Thank you!

Dr. Zohra Campbell:  Tuesdays, 1:00p – 3:00p | Wednesdays, 9:00a – 1:00p | Thursdays, 1:00p – 5:00p

Dr. Blake Testa:  Mondays, 9:00a – 5:00p | Tuesdays, 8:00a – 5:00p | Wednesdays, 9:00a – 6:00p | Thursdays, 8:00a – 5:30p

Dr. Andrew Teller:  Mondays, 10:00a – 2:30p | Thursdays, 8:00a – 12:00p

Nikole Stormo LMT:  Mondays, 8:00a – 2:30p | Tuesdays, 8:00a – 2:30p | Wednesdays, 9:00a – 2:30p | Thursdays, 8:00a – 2:30p | Fridays, 8:00a – 1:00p

Bill Wolf LMT:  Mondays, 2:00p – 6:00p | Tuesdays, 1:00p – 5:00p | Wednesdays, 1:00p – 6:00p | Saturdays, 9:00a – 3:00p